Beauty and to take care

Lelux or it’s English translation “Beauty and to take care” is founded on the principle that all customers should have access to the healing practises of traditional Thai Massage. This experience begins when you enter our business with the warm smile greeting you at the door as is Thai custom, continued as you feel yourself relaxing slowly in tune with the shops aromas, dim-lighting and relaxing music. You’ll feel your worries and cares melt-away from this point through your consultation until your massage concludes with gentle stretching and a wipe down with a warm refreshing towel to ensure you leave refreshed and invigorated.

Lelux Thai Massage has been an established health care provider in Melbourne for a number of years now, our Essendon shop has been growing at a rapid pace since inception our shop now incorporates 10 massage stations with up to 12 staff available in peak times to ensure customers aren’t waiting for their massage.

Such is the professionalism of our staff that our business is a recognised Health Fund Rebate partner for all major health insurance companies our staff under-go weekly training to ensure their massage and communications skills are at the highest level, every customer receives the same level of continual professional service no matter their chosen therapist.

To our many current customers we thank you for your valued business and to those yet to trial our service, we welcome you to come to our shop so we can greet you “sawat dee ka” with a warm and friendly smile.