Relaxation and Remedial Massage near Keilor

Professional massage services are a great way to relax and unwind, as well as heal tired and sore bodies. If you find that you’re carrying a lot of tension and stress, or if you’re still suffering from soreness and stiffness long after an injury or a tough day at work, we can help. As one of the premier destinations for massage therapy near Keilor, Lelux Thai Massage offers clients a wonderful experience from beginning to end. We’re happy to be your sanctuary away from the real world; your massage therapist will help you forget your troubles and feel like a million bucks.

We offer a wide range of different styles and services; your choice will depend on your preferences and physical needs. Deep tissue massage is popular amongst those with persistent soreness and stiffness, as it works on the deeper layers of tissue. Using strong pressure and a variety of different strokes, the masseuse works on the source of the problem, breaking up adhesions and removing blockages. Stone therapy massage (a.k.a. hot stones) is fantastic for gently encouraging muscles to relax and unwind using heat rather than pressure. For an all-round experience, we also provide aromatherapy massage; your masseuse will custom-blend a wonderfully fragrant and healing oil to suit you.

Appointments are available until 9.30 on weeknights and 8.30 on weekends, so even when you’re extra busy, you can take a little ‘me time’ with us. For more information about our services or to make an appointment, please call (03) 9043 9742.